Locally grown food shop, restaurant and catering.

Our mission is to provide a healthier choice of meal, that is by making our bread with Non-Gmo Non bleached flour, grinding our own non- gmo corn and utilizing our vegetables using the best farming practices.  Our meats our filler free and are ground daily.

Our vision is to pay less attention to our competition and more attention to our customers.

Weekly Menu Updates

We deliver if you order online.

Go to our store and order.

At checkout under notes section indicate date and time of delivery.   Please see our calendar for hours of operation.


Thats it!!!

Kick back and chill while we harvest your produce or meal.  We will send you a message before we pedal on over and a message after your produce has been delivered. Simple.

Health experts and foodies often say we should eat seasonally and food at its peak of nutrition.  The best thing about eating seasonally is that you get the best tasting, healthiest food available.  By delivering to the Del Rio Tx. area, the food gets harvested and makes it to your plate within hours.  This means better tasting, higher nutrition for you and your family.  Try us today!

3 Reasons to buy from us.

1.       Our meals use fresh top quality ingredients

2.       Our prices are very competitive with local  businesses .

3.       We seasonally grow our ingredients.

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