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Health experts and foodies often say we should eat seasonally and food at it’s peak of nutrition. The best thing about eating seasonally is that you get the best tasting, healthiest food available. By serving to the Del Rio Tx area, the food gets harvested and makes it to your plate within hours.This means better tasting, higher nutrition for you and your family. Try us today

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You may see a little black and white VW Beetle buzzing along Del Rio Tx. My name is Rafael Flores and I have an Idea! Why not create recipes that use top quality ingredients. We can grow our produce using good practices, and incorporate non-gmo products.

Chile Relleno Burger origins

our family would look forward to chile relleno stuffed with ground beef battered in egg and fried.  I figured a burger has ground beef why not add a battered poblano.

Nov. 04 2019 I was driving to work thinking of developing a new recipe for Del Rio TX.  This time of year is tamale season in this part of the world.  At the same time,  I wanted something with less carbs for people trying not to eat that many carbs.

The Tamale Sausage was born!

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